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Our authentic German Worship services are led by Rev. Thomas Herwig.

Typically held the first Sunday of each month at 11:00 a.m. in the Westervelt Chapel.

An informal gathering with coffee and cookies follows each Deutsch service.

Begun in December 2008, First Presbyterian Deutsch is a worship service not only for Germans, but also for those who speak and understand German, or who are simply interested in German culture and language.

In addition to worship, First Pres Deutsch offers all pastoral services including confirmation classes, pastoral care and hospital visitation, German-speaking children’s afternoons, topical discussion groups (including Bible study groups), and social and cultural activities.

FPC Deutsch Bulletin

A Letter from Rev. Thomas Herwig

The German-language community program First Pres Deutsch is aimed at German (speaking) people in the region who are here in the country for a limited time for professional reasons, as well as those who have decided to build a new existence here in the long term. Of course, these events are also open to all people who are connected to Germany, Germans or German culture and language for biographical, professional or family reasons. We cordially invite everyone who is interested in a church offering in German.

As a Parish Associate, i.e. a freelance employee of the parish on a part-time basis, I am tasked, among other things, with offering church services in German. My wife, Lou Ann Sellers, associate pastor in the church, also speaks German. We are therefore both available to you, or together in individual cases (bilingually), for the following events:

Classic church services or church services for different target groups; Official acts such as baptisms, weddings, funeral ceremonies; Confirmation classes (with a degree here or in your German home community); Individual pastoral care by appointment and hospital visits if desired; German-speaking children's afternoons and thematic discussion groups (Bible lessons, socials); cultural and tourist activities. We are also very pleased about the good and long-lasting cooperation with the TA and Capitol School.

I would be happy to provide further information,

Rev. Dr. Thomas Herwig

Telephone: (205) 391-0904
Cell: (205) 765-3183