First Presbyterian Church offers a comprehensive music program for aspiring musicians of all ages, as well as accomplished professionals. In addition to singing in worship each Sunday, the Sanctuary Choir offers numerous concerts and special programs throughout the year. The Carillon Handbell Choir also plays in worship on a regular basis.  The youth choir takes an annual choir tour and participates in selected services annually. FPC’s children learn the basics of and how to praise God through music. FPC is blessed to experience the renowned music from the beautiful Létourneau Pipe Organ Opus 129 in our Sanctuary each Sunday. Scroll down to learn more about it and all of our programs.


The Sanctuary Choir is made up of about 35 adults who sing weekly (typically August – May) for the 11:00 AM service and for occasional services throughout the church year.  Their repertoire spans all musical periods, and in recent years the choir has served as the symphonic chorus for the Tuscaloosa Symphony Orchestra.  There is a wide range of ages and abilities in the group, including staff singers and scholarship singers from the School of Music at the University of Alabama.  Choir members balance the responsibility of preparing music for worship with fun gatherings, choir retreats, and social events throughout the year.


Rehearsals are on Wednesdays from 7:00 – 8:30 PM.  Membership in the Sanctuary Choir is open to anyone willing to invest the time and commitment to fully participate, and we welcome new members!  Our volunteers are not “auditioned,” but will need to work with the Director of Music to assess their proper placement in the choir.  Members of the congregation as well as singers in the Tuscaloosa community with an interest in joining should contact our Director of Music, Marjorie Johnston.


The Children's Choirs at First Presbyterian Church are a fundamental part of our music tradition, led by Marjorie Johnston and Linda Bradley. Dedicated adult directors educate and train our future generations to use the gift of music and other worship arts as a means to praise and glorify God.

Our younger singers are not just “an appendage” to the music program, but a central part of it.  The goal is to teach children to enjoy making music while helping them to mature into knowledgeable musicians.  Grade school aged children follow the highly respected training program of the Royal School of Church Music in America (RSCM). Grades 1-5 are in full partnership with the LOGOS Christian Education curriculum, and the church demonstrates its commitment to this ministry by providing transportation from school to FPC each Wednesday of the program year. Choristers are educated not only about music, but they also learn about the liturgy of the church and how to use the Hymnal. The music they sing is challenging yet within their capabilities.

As choristers progress in ability and knowledge, they are awarded different ribbons that correspond to the skill level they have achieved in the RSCM. The children are encouraged to become thinking singers - being able to sing along on any hymn and follow along in a choral score. These young singers make a musical offering to God in worship, and are full participants.



Rehearsal is during the Logos program from 4:30 – 5:00 PM on Wednesdays during the school year – 10 weeks of each semester. The Chapel Choir emphasizes leadership skills through teamwork, discipline and striving for excellence. The choir members study more advanced music fundamentals and singing skills. In addition to singing in worship on a regular basis, the members are periodically invited to participate in educational field trips.


GRADES 1 & 2

Rehearsals are during the Logos program from 5:00 - 5:30 PM on Wednesdays during the school year – 10 weeks of each semester. This choir uses small-group and large-group activities to explore music and to begin teaching music reading fundamentals. The Lyric Choir participates in worship several times during the year.



Rehearsals are on Wednesdays from 4:30-5:00 PM during the school year – 10 weeks of each semester. This choir allows children to explore music, their voices, and instruments. They also learn how to use music to praise and worship the Lord. The children sing in worship at least twice each year.


Grades 6-12

Rehearsal is from 4:30 – 5:00 PM on Sundays (typically September – Easter).  Members of this ensemble learn to read music quickly and easily, and usually achieve a higher level RSCM ribbon. The Youth Choir may sing alone, with the Sanctuary Choir, or with one of the other Children’s Choirs.  They are worship leaders of the church, participating in services and assisting in the training younger choristers. These young musicians also work with handbells and tone chimes.  The Youth Choir celebrates the end of each choir year with a beach trip that includes serving as a guest choir and at least one outreach activity.

New singers are welcome to join any of the Children’s choirs at any time; children and their parents must be willing to commit to our rehearsal and singing service schedule. For additional information, please contact Director of Music, Marjorie Johnston.


We are pleased to offer handbell ringing opportunities for both adults and youth.  The adult ensemble rehearses weekly (typically on Wednesday evenings from 6:00 – 6:50 PM, preparing offertories, introits, and other service music, as well as occasional accompaniment for choral anthems.  The group is always welcoming to new members, and a basic ability to read music is helpful.  Childcare is provided for all rehearsals and worship services.  Our Youth Handbell Choir is open to any interested student in grades 6-12, and practices at the beginning of Youth Choir rehearsal on Sundays from 4:00 – 4:20 PM.

Those interested in participating should contact Organist & Director of Instrumental Ensembles, Jason Pedeaux at

Létourneau Pipe Organ

First Presbyterian Church is proud to house one of the premiere pipe organs in the Southeast – our three-manual, 75-rank Létourneau Pipe Organ (Opus 129).  It was built in the company’s Canadian factory, transported to Tuscaloosa, and constructed in our sanctuary.  Voicing and tonal finishing was completed in early 2016, and the result is a world-class instrument that will lead our congregation in worship for generations to come.

This eclectic instrument is capable of playing music of all musical periods and styles.  The congregation will now enjoy an abundance of rich symphonic colors, including orchestral strings and flutes, clarinet, oboe, harp, celesta, chimes, English horn, flugel horn, solo trumpet, deep 32-foot pedal stops, and even an exotic nightingale.

The Létourneau Pipe Organ (Opus 129) Dedication Services were held on March 6, 2016. Organist Jeff Binford played several pieces that demonstrate the organ’s many unique sounds.


First Presbyterian Church honors the late Ed White, former Professor of Voice and Director of Opera at the University of Alabama, with a new commissioned chancel opera (based on II Kings, Chapter 5) by Alabama composer, K. Lee Scott. Mr. White and his wife Karen were active members in the music program at First Presbyterian for many years. The World Premiere of Naaman was recorded in the First Presbyterian Church Sanctuary on Sunday, May 21, 2023, at 3:00 PM, with composer K. Lee Scott conducting.  Click here to learn more.


The Inaugural Organ Recital was presented on Friday, April 8, 2016.  Renowned English organist, Thomas Trotter, was our guest artist for that event.  Since then, the Binford Organ Recital Series has presented illustrious organists such as David Briggs, Wilma Jensen, Raymond & Elizabeth Chenault, and Richard Elliott.  In July of 2018, the American Guild of Organists’ presented its four-day outreach program “Pipe Organ Encounters” (POE) at FPC/Tuscaloosa, featuring world renowned organists Bruce Neswick, Lynne Davis, and Nathan Laube.


Létourneau Pipe Organ (Opus 129)