Session Highlights

Buildings and Grounds:

  • Session approved the recommendation to replace the elevator which is showing age and has been breaking down frequently. Quotes are being obtained and funding will be provided from the Endowment portfolio.  The funding source will be recommended by the Endowment Committee. This will be a significant expense to FPC as our first quote to replace was $135,000.  
  • Session approved the recommended architectural drawings for the new columbarium expansion in the Rose Garden. 96 niches are planned.  Now that plans are approved, costs to build will be calculated by McGiffert Construction. This will come back to Session for final approval.
  • Session was informed that our cooling/HVAC system, that is believed to be approximately 25 years old, is beginning to fail. Our system is comprised of 2 chillers which each have 4 compressors. Engineers are on site evaluating and a recommendation will be forthcoming. This will be a significant expense.


  • Session approved the recommendation that FPC move forward with hiring a uniformed Tuscaloosa Police Officer to be visible and work on our Campus each Sunday morning from approximately 8:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. (4 hours) as a deterrent to a potential security breach. The Finance Committee has identified funding, pending Session’s approval.  This will be reviewed in five months for its effectiveness prior to the 2023 budget preparation.
  • Session approved funding for the hire of the Tuscaloosa Police Officer for the five months of 2022 to come from The First Fund, a fund designated for Session’s discretion for items outside of our normal budget. If continued, this would be a budgeted expense in 2023.
  • Session is being provided a complete report of the Security and Disaster Task Force that was issued in 2018 for review to aid in further security discussions.


  • Finance Committee expressed concern that FPC receipts and giving were significantly trailing this time last year. YTD, general pledges collected are down ($111,039) versus last year and total receipts are down ($73,563). The trend is established for a summer lull in giving, but the concern is the year over year trend. Through June, we are currently essentially on budget with expenses exceeding receipts by ($8,906).

UPerk Task Force:
Earlier in 2022, a task force was created to determine information to be reported and reviewed with Session from UPerk. College, Mission, and Finance committees and UPerk’s Board were represented. Session approved the following recommendation from the task force:

  • Each month a UPerk financial report will be included in the Session packet
  • Once per quarter, UPerk’s leadership would report in person to Session to include:

               - UPerk’s financial performance

               - How UPerk is helping make disciples of Jesus Christ
               - How UPerk is helping to care for the poor/needy