Click here to access the most recent church directory.

You are welcome to print a copy for yourself or simply access it digitally through your computer or phone.

We encourage everyone to download and utilize the ShelbyNext App. It includes all of the information (including pictures) in this directory as well as birthdays, official titles, and more. Any updated info the office receives (new addresses, phone numbers, etc.) shows up immediately in the app. Click here for instructions on downloading and using the app. Click here to watch a brief video on how to get started, also. If you have any questions about the app, call the church office at (205) 752-3531.

If you find any information in this directory to be incorrect, please contact the church office to make the updates.

If you need a physical copy and you had your picture made or sent in a picture, you can call the church office and one will be provided for you.

**Note: This is a private page on our website. Only FPC members have been given this link to access it. Please do not share this link or info with non-FPC members as some people wish to keep their information private. Thank you!