The Campus Minister / Director of UKirk Ministries will lead with a passion for Jesus Christ building relationships among College Students and creating a welcoming community where all may experience the love of Jesus Christ and fellowship of the church. The Campus Minister will be an engaging leader who actively recruits students to participate in UKirk activities, but can also be a thoughtful listener who will sit with students as they ask tough questions and accompany them as they navigate the challenges of college life. The Campus Minister will love students unconditionally and communicate the gospel of Christ and God’s love for them in relevant, effective and theologically responsible ways. The Campus Minister will be an energetic, creative selfstarter who takes initiative and follows through with a schedule flexible to student needs and the hours they are available. The Campus Minister, whether an ordained Presbyterian Minister or highly effective non-ordained leader, will demonstrate a commitment to the ministry of the Presbyterian Church (USA) and a desire to connect college students to Christ and to the ministry of the church.

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Bama UKirk is a Presbyterian (PCUSA) campus ministry dedicated to serving University of Alabama and local college students in the Tuscaloosa area. With the support of First Presbyterian Church Tuscaloosa, we strive to create a welcoming and supportive space for students from all backgrounds during their time in Tuscaloosa. Our focus is on fostering an inclusive, encouraging, and faithful community where well-intentioned students feel accepted, supported, and seen. We celebrate every student who joins us on their faith journey through engaging worship, fellowship, and mission work. We aim to empower college students as they navigate the challenges of college life with purpose and resilience.

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