The focus of the endowment committee is providing information on the importance of endowments in insuring the financial vitality of First Presbyterian into future generations. Endowment funds have been supplementing our church programs over many years. We plan to start educational programs on how you can make gifts to the endowments. Our primary focus is on the two new funds listed below. 

The 1820 Fund of First Presbyterian Church Tuscaloosa—Preserving Our Legacy

PURPOSE:  In gratitude and recognition of the gifts of the beautiful buildings and grounds provided to FPC over the past 200 years, the Session created the 1820 Fund to ensure that maintenance and vitality of those buildings be preserved for the future generations.

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The First Fund of First Presbyterian Church Tuscaloosa—Providing Flexibility to Carry Out God’s Plan

PURPOSE:  To fund immediate needs and programs outside of the scope of the annual operating budget. This will also encompass other unforeseen events such as catastrophes, unexpected opportunities, and other uses that will forward our mission as a church. Expenditures of these funds require majority approval of The Session. In 2022 The First Fund was used to pay for the policeman for the Sunday worship services. This was very helpful because no funds had been budgeted for this purpose in 2022.