Youth Director Search Update

First Presbyterian Church has hired a ministry consultation firm, Ministry Architects, to help us with the search for our new Youth Director, and they need to hear from YOU!  Ministry Architects is a leader in many areas of ministry but particularly youth ministry, and the Youth Director Search Committee is excited to be working with them on our search.  We hope you can join in one of our upcoming sessions!

FPC Youth Ministry Assessment with Ministry Architects

June 1 - 4

Ministry Architects has been invited to hear what you have to share about the church’s ministry. We will spend the majority of our time listening to you, with these goals in mind:
●    Listening: People who care about the church’s youth ministry will have a chance to vent, dream, identify pressure points, and talk about what they really want. 

●    A Clear Plan: Ministry Architects will provide an overview picture of where the church is now relative to where it would like to go, and then give a detailed proposal and timeline for how to move forward in building a sustainable and strategic youth ministry. 

●    Focus: This process is designed to build unity around the desire for change and the belief that you can change and create the openness to embrace an intentional, deliberate game plan for making those changes. 

●    Hope: “Ministry Architects is saying, “You CAN have the kind of youth ministry God wants to lavish on your church. It’s going to take some work, but you CAN do it.”

Members, regular attenders, volunteers, leaders, youth, Elders & Deacons, etc. are welcome. Come be a part of sharing your hopes and dreams for the youth ministry at our church.

Youth Director Search Listening Group Zoom Sessions

Click the link associated with group that best describes your position at FPC to connect to a Listening Session via Zoom.

Wednesday, June 1

Thursday, June 2

Saturday, June 4


Why Ministry Architects?
At Ministry Architects, we believe there is a better way, a better way than one-size-fits-all training events and quick-fix searches for superstar staffers. It all starts with building intentionally. So like Architects, we don't tell churches what they want to build. We start by listening and then show them a blueprint of exactly how they can move from where they are to where they want to be. And then we walk alongside them as to make sure that they build the kind of infrastructure they will need to create the ministries they dream of having. We have made it our mission to help churches build Healthy Systems. Innovative Change. For the Future of the Church.

What is going to happen when Ministry Architects is here?
Ministry Architects will spend the majority of their time listening to a variety of groups within the church through focused listening groups via zoom. After spending several days in these listening groups (and taking copious notes), the consultant team will hunker down to write a report, sharing with the church what they’ve heard about the church’s youth ministry and programs and where they hear that the church wants to go. The report will be presented to the congregation laying out a blueprint for how to move forward.

Why should I attend the zoom meetings?
You play an important role in the church. Whether you lead regularly, volunteer often or simply attend… your voice matters! The leaders of your church are committed to building a strategic vision for the future WITH you and the entire faith community and this is your opportunity to join your voice with others in the church to share God’s vision through your perspective.

What will the report look like?
The Assessment Report will start by reflecting back to the church what the consultant team heard people saying about the church’s youth ministry.  We compare your church to ministry norms across the country.  We will point out the assets of the church – the things to protect and keep. We will also share the challenges that we see – the things that are roadblocks to the youth ministry moving strategically forward. We then lay out a blueprint for how to strategically move the church from where it is now to where you want it to be. These recommendations include a detailed timeline laying out the process month by month.