Join us as we celebrate this fall!

August 13: Blessing of the Backpacks

August 20: Faith Formation Celebration Sunday

August 27: Music & Worship Celebration Sunday

September 17: Mission Celebration Sunday

September 24: Campus Ministry Celebration Sunday

October 1: FPC Celebration Sunday & Churchwide Picnic

The writer of Ecclesiastes reminds us there is a season and time for everything, “... a time to be born, and a time to die; a time to weep and a time to laugh…”  As summer comes to a close and we resume our programs, activities and routines it will be A Time to Celebrate at First Presbyterian Church! Why? What’s the occasion? Simply put: God has been so good to us! God has provided for our spiritual and material needs and bestowed blessings and grace far beyond our deserving. No matter what challenges or difficulties we may have in our lives, there are still more reasons for giving thanks.  

At First Presbyterian we are blessed with opportunities to worship, learn and grow, to share fellowship and support each other, to serve those in need and spread the Good News and to enjoy God’s love and blessings. How will we respond? With thanks and celebration!

In the next couple of months, we will be celebrating all that God is doing in and through us at FPC. We will also be giving thanks to God and to the many volunteers who help provide those opportunities to Connect, Grow and Serve. The “Blessing of the Backpacks Sunday” (always an inspiration!) will be followed by several “Celebration Sundays” which will culminate with “FPC Celebration Sunday” on World Communion Sunday, the same day as the Church Picnic. In addition, we will have just welcomed home an international mission team, expanded our amazing Preschool, restarted youth programs and LOGOS, PW, UKirk and more! And sprinkled throughout we will have 8 Baptisms in 3 months, with more to be scheduled!  (Can somebody say, “God is GOOD!!!???”)  

Indeed, God is good, and God is at work in and through us and our church. Now, do we live in a perfect world? No. Are there still “messes” that challenge and concern us? Yes. But the Lord not only meets us in the messes of life, he helps us through them! Truly, the evidence of our individual and communal lives overwhelmingly proves that we have so much more to be thankful for and to celebrate. And so we will!  

I look forward to seeing you soon and celebrating with you all that God is doing in our midst.     


P.S.  Don’t forget to invite a friend to Church!