Ministry Architects was invited to First Presbyterian to hear what you have to share about our campus ministry. The representative spent the majority of their time listening to you, with these goals in mind:

  • Listening: People who care about our campus ministry had a chance to vent, dream, identify pressure points, and talk about what they really want. 

  • A Clear Plan: Ministry Architects provided an overview picture of where the church’s campus ministry is now relative to where it would like to go, and then gave recommendations to consider for how to move forward in building a sustainable and strategic ministry. 

  • Focus: This process was designed to build unity around the desire for change and the belief that you can change and create the openness to embrace an intentional, deliberate game plan for making those changes. 

  • Hope: Ministry Architects says, “You CAN have the kind of ministry God wants to lavish on your church. It’s going to take some work, but you CAN do it.”

Members, regular attenders, volunteers, leaders, college students, youth, etc. were welcome to be a part of sharing their hopes and dreams for our campus ministry.  And we are all invited to continue to PRAY!