First Presbyterian Church is a community of faith which seeks to glorify God and faithfully follow Jesus Christ.  We do this by intentionally creating and encouraging opportunities to Connect, Grow and Serve.  

  • CONNECT - we celebrate and foster opportunities to nurture our relationships and connections with God and fellow believers
  • GROW - we strive to grow in faith and in understanding of God’s Word and Christ’s call on our lives
  • SERVE - we seek opportunities to faithfully share the Gospel and serve God’s mission in the home, church, community and world through ministries of love, care, healing and hope

Breaking down the logo

Here are our thoughts behind our logo. What do you see in each one?

  • Main logo

    The main logo utilizes the seal of the Presbyterian Church (USA), but also identifies us as a congregation in Tuscaloosa.  The simple, yet complex seal is filled with images that remind us of our common heritage, identity and mission.  The components include the cross, the descending dove, an open Bible, the flames of the Holy Spirit and a Baptismal font, to name a few.  Elements from this seal are utilized to make the visual representations for Connect, Grow and Serve. Utilizing these components reminds us that we are a part of Christ’s larger church, but we also have a unique calling to be the church here in Tuscaloosa.

  • connect

    Here we see the doves, a symbol of the Holy Spirit, interconnected to form a cross.  The cross not only symbolizes Christ’s gift of salvation, its vertical and horizontal beams also remind us of our connections with God (the vertical) and our connections with fellow believers (the horizontal), both of which must be nurtured.

  • grow

    At the top of this image we see an open book, representing the Bible, sitting on a pulpit, representing God’s Word proclaimed in preaching.  Green, the color of growth,  reminds us we should always be striving to grow in faith.  We do this by hearing and studying God’s Word, but also by seeking to better understand our calling as Christ’s disciples, a calling rooted in our Baptism.  A Baptismal font can be seen in the center, though some may see a chalice, a reminder of Communion and God’s sustaining presence with us on the journey of faith.

  • serve

    The Holy Spirit, represented by flames, empowers and equips us for service in Christ’s name.  The Spirit sends us out in all directions to share and embody the Good News.  Here the  flames are pointing us north, south, east and west, guiding us like a compass to find and join God’s mission in the world.