Logos is a mid-week (Wednesday) ministry for children in first through fifth grades. Carpools are available to bring children to the church immediately after school. 

Typical Schedule

3:00-4:00      Snack/Play/Energizers/Gathering
4:00-5:30      Choir/Bible
5:30-6:00      Family Time

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Logos is based on Acts 2:42: “They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers.” We strive to have each child develop relationships with adults in the church during this time.

There is only one rule of Logos: Everyone is to treat everyone else as a child of God. No one has the right to treat anyone else as if they do not matter.


In order for a child to participate in Logos, a parent/guardian must participate in the program as well. Parents may choose the area in which they participate (shepherds, study hall monitors, Bible teachers, Logos planning team, etc.)

Parents must also attend a meeting each year to renew their commitment to the Logos program.


The cost of the Logos program is $100 per child (1st-5th grade) per semester with a maximum of $200 per family. 

This cost includes includes the meals, Bible curriculum, activities, and supplemental materials the children use. 

The cost is $50 per semester for children in Kindergarten & Pre-K as this does not include meals.

Scholarships are available! Contact Emily Frandsen for details.


Parents register their children for the Logos program by completing the Logos Registration forms and paying online. Your child/children are not registered for Logos until you attend the parent meeting (fall only) and complete all 3 registration forms (You must fill out the registration form (#1) again for spring. If you already filled out the Parental Consent (#2) & Background Investigation (#3) for the fall, you do not have to fill it out again for spring.)

  1. Logos registration (if link is not active, contact Emily for assistance),
  2. FPC Parental Consent and Release,
  3. Background Investigation Consent.

The registration/payment form processes online.

You will need to print and complete the consent and background check forms and return them to the church office.